3 Kinds of Print Marketing That Still Pay Off

February 20, 2015 by - Hanging menu boards, Large format printing nyc, Visual graphics

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Print marketing may be offset by online marketing these days, but it’s still an important part of most branding plans. If you’re really looking to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to print materials, however, you’ll want to look beyond ads in your local newspaper. Here are three kinds of print marketing materials that can pay off for your business:

  • Large Format Ads and Banners

    Large format printing is more affordable than it’s ever been, and you should take advantage of that if you’re really looking to make a statement. Don’t think that you’re limited to banners and large posters, when it comes to large format printing, either. Commercial building and barricade wraps can brand a physical space, if you have or are currently working on a building, and vehicle wraps can advertise to everyone on the road if you have a company vehicle (just be sure not to cut other drivers off, or you may do damage to your brand’s likeability).

  • Customized Promotional Gifts

    Promotional gifts are a good way to both bring in new customers and retain current ones. For new customers, even small gifts branded with your logo and business name can increase brand recognition and make people more likely to do business with you. And thoughtful customized gifts for existing customers can show that you’re grateful for their business and eager to continue that relationship.

  • Well Focused Direct Mailings

    Direct mailings aren’t nearly as common as they used to be, but can still be highly effective if the correct research is put in before they’re sent out. Direct mailings should be sent to a selection of prospective customers who are highly likely to be interested in your business offerings, and you should keep in mind (and in your budget) that if often takes two or three rounds of mailings to see effects. The good news is that digital printing has made direct mailings much more affordable than they were in the days of offset printing alone, so it’s a good idea to check rates with a digital printing company before you decide anything.

What other print marketing materials are particularly effective? Discuss in the comments.

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