4 SEO Techniques to Improve Website Engagement

February 20, 2015 by - Seo wilmington, Website marketing services

Local search ranking factors

If you own a small business, take the moment to Google it. Type in something general such as the type of business and your location. How far down in the list of results does your business come up? Can you find your business at all? The businesses who come up in the first few results are most likely using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO techniques. This ensures that when people search for a business that is related to their company, their SEO and the local search ranking factors will keep their business high up on the list. There are many ways to improve website SEO; read on to find out.

Website Optimization
In order for your business to come up as the first few search results, you need to use SEO techniques on your website. There are many ways to do this, however, they are a bit complicated to do on your own if you are not familiar with HTML or CSS or if your website maker does not offer this option in an easier format. One of the best SEO techniques to use on your website is including keywords in the Meta Tags of your website. The best way to learn how to do this is to search for a tutorial or ask your website provider if there is an easy way to accomplish this.

Blog Posts
Another way to improve the SEO of your website is to post blog posts. Small, local business can boost interaction and increase their rankings in Google just by posting regular blog posts. Is there an area of your business that you think customers would be interested in reading about? If you don’t think writing is your strong suit, you may decide to hire a company to do so. There are a few companies that offer ghost writers to write blog posts relative to your business with SEO optimized keywords that will improve engagement.

Hiring A Company
If SEO techniques, Meta Tags and Blog Posts seem too complicated for you, don’t give up on SEO all together. It’s incredibly important for generating leads and can lead to more customers and more profit. Your best option may be to hire a company that specializes in SEO marketing. Do your research on some of the better-ranked companies and then decide which would best suit your needs depending on the size and type of business. The money spent will likely pay off in new customers and therefore more revenue. In fact, 41% of B2B marketers argue that their lead generation goals are affected the most by SEO.

Mobile Site Optimization
While improving your SEO, you may also consider optimizing a mobile friendly website design. If your website is the same on a desktop as it is on a mobile, it is likely not the most efficient for mobile use. About 61% of consumers reported that they would leave a website if the mobile version was confusing or frustrating, likely heading to a competitor’s website instead. Even if you improve your SEO, without a mobile optimized site, you may lose these new customers.

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