5 Reasons to Rethink Your Google-Only PPC Strategy

May 26, 2015 by - Pay per click banner ads, Ppc management fees, What is pay per click management

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Pay per click advertising on search engines is a top way to attract potential customers to your website and boost your business’ bottom line. But if you’re considering PPC, you should know that Google — while absolutely dominant — isn’t the only game in town. There’s actually a strong case to be made for Bing pay per click advertising, too.

5 Things Bing Ads Offers That Google AdWords Doesn’t

Google absolutely has a higher search volume than Bing, meaning that ads shown on the latter will get fewer views. But Bing Ads, the platform used to place ads on Bing network sites, actually offers a few advantages over AdWords, the platform that manages paid search ads on Google. Here are five:

  • Bing Ads Offers Less Competition/Lower Costs Per Click

    First of all, you should know that because there’s less competition for advertising on Bing, you can place ads based on very competitive keywords for a lot less money than you’d be able to on Google.

  • Bing Ads Offers Great Device Targeting Options

    Bing also makes it very easy to target certain kinds of devices, so you can choose whether you want users on desktops, tablets or smartphones (or some combination thereof) to see your ads.

  • Bing Ads Offers More Control With Search Partners

    Whereas with Google you can choose to either advertise just on Google or on “search partners” as well, Bing offers a lot more control over those search partners, even letting you choose to advertise just on them and not on Bing at all.

  • Bing Ads Offers You the Choice on Close Variants

    On Google, you have no choice but to include “close variants” in your campaign, meaning your ad will still be displayed (and therefore clicked on, costing you money) for phrases that don’t exactly match the keywords you’re actually targeting. Bing Ads gives you the choice.

  • Bing Ads Offers Demographic Ad Targeting

    As with all kinds of marketing, PPC marketing services can be more effective when you target a very specific demographic. Bing Ads makes that possible, so you can choose which gender and age groups end up seeing your ads.

A Note on Bing Pay Per Click Management

One thing that’s absolutely true of PPC across all platforms, however, is that paying a professional PPC marketing agency for PPC ad management is almost always the smartest way to go. Whether you’re on Bing Ads or AdWords, PPC is a highly technical process that requires constant vigilance — if you’re expecting to see a good return on your investment, of course. If you’d like to start advertising on Bing networks, you’ll want to build Bing pay per click management into your budget as well.

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