5 Things You Should Know About Document Digitization If You Work in Business

November 28, 2018 by - Convert microfiche, Microfiche scanning service, Service for converting a document

Whether you’re a family owned business looking to preserve old documents or a brick and mortar store looking to further expand, digitizing your documents should be a high priority on your to-do list. By moving preserving physical documents digitally, you’re ensure that they are able to be accessed no matter where they need to be, and they’ll be safe from any physical damage that might occur. If that isn’t enough to sell you on the concept, here are five important facts to know surrounding document digitization and document digitization services.

1. Documents Challenges Account For Over 20% of Lost Productivity

Frustration over lost or indecipherable documents makes up a significant part of productivity lost in the workplace on a daily basis. By converting documents held by your business onto the web or a private network, your employees will have far easier access, increasing productivity substantially.

2. 77% of All Business Owners Want to Access Their Files Remotely

By backing up your physical files, you’re freeing yourself up to access them anywhere you, including business meetings, vacation or from home, whenever the need arises. Find a service that scans on site to come to your business and take care of the document digitization process. It’s safe, and by using a service that scans on site, you won’t have to move your documents to a third party location. Scanning on site seems like the right move for many businesses with a load of documents.

3. On Average, A Workplace Document is Photocopied 19 Times

You know what would have saved all that time spent photocopying? Having the file already readily available on computers and to print. Think about how long it takes to photocopy the same sheet 19 separate times! And that happens for each document! Using document digitization services cut down on that time greatly.

4. Across the United States, There Are 4 Trillion Paper Documents, and That Number is Growing Fast

For those of you rightfully concerned about climate change, we have to start becoming more aware of our carbon footprint. By digitizing the many documents used by your business daily, recycling them and reducing future paper use, you can do your part in the fight to reverse the damage we’ve done to our environment and prevent the damage from becoming even worse.

5. The Average Fax Takes 8 Minutes

If you’re still using a fax machine, in the eyes of clients and fellow businesses you’re living in the past. Sharing documents digitally has been the norm for some time now, and takes next to no time at all. Compare that to the 8 minutes on average it takes to send a fax, and you’re looking at a lost of wasted time.

With the wide availability of large format scanning services and the ease of hiring a service that scans on site, there’s almost no reason not to digitize your business’ documents. Have you already gone through the process? How did it go? Share your thoughts or concerns below in the comments section!

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