9 Reasons to Root Your Android Device

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9 Reasons to Root Your Android Device

What Is Rooting?

Rooting means to get root access to device. No doubt, there are plenty of settings to be done in a device yet we use such options which are only allowed by the manufacturer. On the other hand, by gaining root access to your device, you can bring enormous software changes to deepest extent. But, it must be in your chambers of thoughts that it is really risky to root out your device. Exactly, there are possible chances that your device could be completely broken if the rooting is not properly done.

  1. Apps Aplenty:

    If you have used Google Play, you must be aware of some good apps available on the store. After rooting out your device, you would be having access to more powerful apps which cannot be downloaded from normal device.  Take an example of Network Spoofer. This app allows you to get access to other devices by establishing fake wireless network. Once your friends, foes or guests signed in the network, you will be having full access to their device. Exactly, you can get their messages, contacts and everything you dream of. Remember, malicious use of this application is highly prohibited.

  2. The Latest OS Updates:

    Have you ever said “got damn it” when you get the notification on your android device that it is updating? Once your device is rooted, you would be able to install any OS (capable to install in specific device) in your android phone. This feature would help you to update the latest trends which could not be updated on old version of your OS.

  3. Ditching the Skin:

    It has been observed that android users highly loathe the skins which hardware manufacturers use to promote their brands. There are not only clumsy but also bulky. It is the reason that most of the devices take time for updates. Once your device is rooted, you would be able to install a big number of custom built ROMs in your device.

  4. Bloat Banishment:

    You must be thankful to God that android 4.1 jellybean offers you the opportunity to disable such apps which you do not wish to use. But, there are always there. They are not permanently disabled. After rooting out your device, you should use Titanium Backup for completely disabling the unwanted apps or Skins.

  5. Speed/Battery Life Boosts:

    Are you charging your phone two or three times in a day? If yes, then you must be frustrated.  Rooting allows you to install software (kernel) that directs your device for lower and higher power consumption. Take an example of Set CPU. This software enables you to set rules for using the power consumption of your device and it is supposed to be best app for saving your battery life.

  6. Extreme Customization:

    The biggest setback of android is that it is the most customizable operating system. If are rooting out your device for this reason then you may have gone nuts.  The play store is full with different apps that partially and fully customize your device. Take an example of GMD Gesture Control and Keyboard Manager.

  7. Infinite Features:

    Rooting allows you to experience infinite features of your device. Do you wish to set instructions in your device that of whose calls should be received and whose calls should be prevented? If yes then try this App.  If you are thinking that public network is a threat and should not be used then you are living in the fool’s paradise.  Try this Wifi Protector and keep your device protected from all kinds of hacking.

  8. A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot:

    It must be in your mind that your android phone can be used as a WIFI Hotspot. Actually, most of the carriers charge you $10 bill to have this access but after rooting your device you can get this service completely free.  Try Wireless Tether.

  9. Better Backup:

    No doubt, there are plenty of apps claiming better back up (SMS, Contacts, and Call logs) for your device but they do not have the backup ability which you find in Titanium Backup after rooting your device.

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