Audio Visual Consultants and Technicians What Do They Do?

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Audio Visual Consultants and Technicians  What Do They Do?

Watching this video sheds light on the happenings behind the scenes during a concert, conference, or video production, from the lighting to sound quality. Audio visual consultants and technicians work in various settings, from radio, television, and movie sets to theaters, sporting events, and convention centers.

The audio visual consultants and technicians are responsible for selecting and setting up video cameras and video switchers, integrating video images into presentations, and recording video images.

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They work with the AV equipment used in live performances and run the equipment used for broadcasting.

Some of their duties include setting up sound equipment for broadcasts, testing microphones, running computers to manipulate sound levels, and recording sounds as directed.

The job is in high demand, making it a good career choice if you have the passion and skills to work in this industry. Although it might be a challenging career to break into, working as an audio visual consultant comes with many perks, including meeting various people, traveling, and getting firsthand information on new releases.

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