Bidding on a Government Contract? Consider Proposal Pricing Software

January 23, 2015 by - Contract pricing, Proposal management software, Proposal pricing software

How to bid government contracts

Bidding on government contracts, as any seasoned contractor will tell you, is no small feat. Getting the project itself takes considerable time, effort, and planning. Proposal pricing alone can be a huge headache. Government contracts are usually issued as a Request For Proposal, or RFP. An RFP is an open solicitation of services for a certain project. Projects can include anything from construction work to IT development to security services. Solicitors often issue RFP in a bidding process. RFPs specify not only the project that needs to be done but also certain requirements bidders must meet, including standards in company history, equipment, and employment. Private companies can also issue RFPs but government contracts, for a variety of reasons, are the most stressful!

That is where proposal software comes in. Contractors must provide a lot of documentation for RFPs, and anyone who has worked with contracting documents know how difficult and confusing they can be. Fortunately, proposal software (also known as proposal management software, proposal creation software, and proposal pricing software) enables contractors to compile and present their own offers with skill and ease. Proposal software can collect needed documents and check for any inconsistencies, duplications, or missing paperwork. It can also organize them all into a neat, presentable package that can be easily read by solicitors. Required documentation may include business proposals, welcome letters, contracts, quotes, and marketing collateral information. Proposal pricing software can even provide estimates and other calculations automatically. Needless to say, contractors take full advantage of proposal pricing software, and solicitors are often impressed by their results.

Whether you are bidding on a big federal contract or simply want to organize your business’s documents, proposal creation software can bridge your contracting ambitions to reality.

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