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Three Tips for Having a Successful Cloud Adaption

There’s been a fair amount of controversy and discussion surrounding cloud technology recently — and not too surprisingly, especially considering the cloud hack that led to the personal images of many celebrities being distributed online. For the most part, though, cloud solutions have become widely adopted; not just by tech companies, but by schools, government, […]

September 11, 2014   Cloud business phone, Seattle business phone system, Small business phone system

Cloud Industry Relieved That Aereo Ruling Has Little Effect on Cloud

Many involved in the cloud computing industry were worried about what the decision against Aereo Inc. could mean for cloud hosting. The U.S. Supreme Court finally came to a decision that potentially spells the end of Aereo as a company. The Supreme Court ruled that, as many suspected, Aereo did indeed violate broadcasters’ copyrights. Aereo’s […]

July 7, 2014   Cloud business phone, Cloud solution company, San francisco solutions consultant