Custom Product Packaging — 3 Important Advantages You Cannot Ignore

September 21, 2015 by - Branding agency, Product packaging design, Web design company baltimore

Custom product packaging

For companies, often the most difficult thing to accomplish is establishing a compelling, resounding brand identity. As has been observed many times across different verticals and geographical locations, brand image matters. Creating a brand is currently on top of the list of priorities of many companies old and new, and if you have a company and some great products, you should try establishing a brand as fast and effectively as you can, to make the most of market opportunities.

Buying is a very visual activity. Customers see products in brick-and-mortar stores or online, and a large part of their purchasing decision hinges on the visual appeal of the product. Even today, 70% of all purchasing decisions are made in-store, while customers average only 20 minutes of time inside stores. This implies that you have only so much time to create enough visual appeal to both inspire a purchasing decision at present and to create brand awareness in the future. With custom product packaging, you can do both, and do them well.

Key Benefits of Custom Product Packaging

Keeping in mind the fact that purchasing and formation of opinion about a product and its brand are both very visual activities, being a little creative and assertive with your product packaging can help you create a favorable impression. Physical store locations still control between 94% and 97% of the market, and there is nothing like letting people see your innovative packaging and make up their minds.

Here are some of the important plus points of custom product packaging –

  • With custom packaging, you can really ensure that your product stands out and does not look generic. Also, you can really design your packaging from the ground up keeping in mind the storage requirements stemming from the product and your design and branding goals for maximum impact.
  • You can really differentiate your product from the competition by designing custom packaging that is eye-catching and attractive. It helps you make a solid first impression and drive sales through the impact you make.
  • Custom packaging design can do wonders for brand development. Unique and memorable packaging has very often been the cornerstone for brand establishment for many companies, and you can use your own out-of-the-box packaging design ideas to great effect while furthering your brand interests.

With these palpable advantages, it can be a great move to give your product some custom packaging and reap the rewards.

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