Four Tips for Using Facebook to Improve Awareness of Your Brand Online

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Did you know that, according to Facebook, 49% of the companies that use its platform for social media for business see an ROI of over 500%? More incredibly, 70% see an ROI of over 300%. There’s no real magic to why Facebook is such an effective medium for social media marketing companies and their clients. With over 1.2 billion active monthly users, the platform has the advantage of mass penetration.

Even with that being the case, as any social media services can tell you, finding success on the world’s most popular social media platform isn’t easy. You don’t get a trophy for just showing up to the game. As with anything else online, you need to implement smart internet marketing strategies if you want to be noticed on the Big Blue Social Media Giant.

How to Tap into Facebook to Use Social Media for Business Success

  1. Interesting Content is an Absolute Must
  2. As Facebook suggests, the importance of sharing great content on Facebook is no great secret. Sharing relevant, high quality photos, brain stimulating content, and entertaining statuses will generate a lot of social media for business buzz, and that in turn can lead to sales.

  3. Build Discount Campaigns Directly into Your Facebook Page
  4. Facebook has this nifty new feature that allows you to offer discounts, contests, and other platform-exclusive deals to your followers through your statuses. As Forbes writes, making your Facebook page the only place to find these deals can draw in a lot of customers, so long as you don’t overdo it.

  5. Use Your Cover Photo as a Clever Call to Action
  6. Would you be surprised to know that an engaging cover photo, featuring a clever call to action, can have an incredible effect on improving traffic to your Facebook page. As Hong Kiat suggests, a cover photo that features some iteration of the phrase “Like Us” will receive far more likes than a page that foregoes this simple tweak. Just be sure not to use too much text in your cover photo. More than 30% text and Facebook will be sending you a naughty note.

  7. Hit That Content Volume Sweet Spot
  8. You may have heard that you have to be sure to post regularly via your business page if you want to generate some buzz, and that’s absolutely true. However, you need to keep in mind that just as you can post too infrequently, you can also post too much. Use the built-in analytics tools Facebook offers to find out when people are most engaged by your content, tailoring two to three posts per day to fall within those sweet spots.

Do you make your living as a social media consultant? What tips would you give businesses trying to improve their success on Facebook? Let us know in the comment section below. More.

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