Four Web Design Tips That Can Make Building a Great Page a Lot Easier

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As Forbes writes, professional web development and design are more important in 2014 than they’ve ever been before. Thanks to the improvement of mobile technology, there is no longer any excuse for making a page anything less than the best, both aesthetically and functionally. Quite simply, without placing adequate focus on professional website development and design, you risk coloring the way web surfers see everything your business does on the worldwide web, for better or worse.

Like everything else in the online world, from e mail marketing services to social media, web design has evolved. However, that shouldn’t be read to mean that great web design has to be difficult. If you’re looking to improve your current page or give your new page a leg up, follow these simple web design tips.

Four Simple Tips and Tricks for Better Web Design

  1. Cut the Clutter
  2. For CIO, a popular website on web design and business technology, the easiest way to improve your web design is to cut out the clutter. What “clutter” means depends entirely on your website. Think like the customer when you’re reviewing your page. Do all of those images help you? Does the website copy educate you on the products offered? Get rid of anything that doesn’t hold up to this scrutiny.

  3. Pick a Color Palette That Works and Stick with It
  4. Too many web designers waste their time trying to get fancy with their color scheme when, as Huffington Post suggests, a simple scheme across the board is the best way to go. Choosing a simple three-toned scheme makes it easier for visitors to read your content and it makes the design process a whole lot easier.

  5. Use Broad Selectors to Make CSS Changes Easier
  6. As any web designer knows, writing and editing CSS can be a real pain in the neck. However, Creative Bloq has devised a simple way of making mass CSS changes simple. By using a broad selector, like an asterisk, in your coding, you can make changes to huge amounts of code in the blink of an eye. You don’t need to be told how this helps your development time.

  7. Make It Easy for Users to Integrate Your Work with Social Media
  8. For Forbes, bringing the marketing efficacy of your web design to the next level is all about making it easier for users to share your homepage, blog content, and products on social media. By building social media share buttons directly into your page, you make it convenient to share your brand, and that leads to improved awareness and sales.

Do you work in the world of web design? Share some of your tips for better design in the comments below! Read more here.

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