HDMI Highspeed Cables, USB Cables And CAT Cables Electronic Basics For The Holiday Season

October 15, 2018 by - Bulk fiber optic cables, Cat5e cables bulk, Category 6 ethernet cables

The holiday season comes bearing many gifts. Should yours be more on the electronic side, the list below will help you stay up to speed.

Not all cables are made the same. Some are designed to give you some protection during a storm when the power goes out. Some are better for highspeed Ethernet. You’ll want to know the difference between all the available varieties if you want to get the most bang for your buck. It’s also a good skill to know when you’re giving a special someone a Christmas gift and want to make sure they can use it the same day. Whether you’ve got an iPhone that needs wrangling or are considering a new Ethernet hook-up for your new videogame set-up, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

Here’s what you should know about HDMI highspeed cables, CAT6 cables and cell phone accessories.

Fun Facts

Let’s get started with bite-sized knowledge on the matter. The very first fiber optic cable to be used first connected the United States to both France and Britain in the 1980’s. It’s since seen hundreds more installed across the globe. As of March of 2017 there are over three and a half billion Internet users, which should say something about the skyrocketing popularity of iPhones and tablets. Some of the most popular gift choices for the holidays (at least when it comes to electronics) are surge protectors, cell phone accessories and, of course, the ever popular iPhone.

USB Cables

A common term you’ll hear while browsing your local Best Buy is the USB cable. Sadly, it’s not as simple as just grabbing and going. Failing to find a compatible device can run the risk of wasting your money or just flat-out not working with your equipment. USB 3.1 complaint devices are able to transfer data at a solid 10 Gbps, while USB 2.0 compliant devices are able to reach a maximum rate of 480 Mbps. Don’t be afraid to ask your neary representative questions, as it’ll save you a lot of back-and-forth once the holidays roll around and it’s time to enjoy the party.

HDMI Highspeed Cables

Here are some cables you might be familiar with. The HDMI is a standard connection to determine how much bandwith you’re getting at any given second. The HDMI 2.0, for example, supports bandwidth at a steady 18Gb per second and is considered ideal for both hobbyists and people who work from home. Fortunately, HDMI cables are color coded and can be easily divided into sections so you know where to plug in when it’s time to set up the entertainment center. Choosing the perfect cables is mostly just a matter of determining what you want to use your technology for and why.

Cell Chargers

A great gift for the holidays is a kit of cell phone accessories, particularly a charger that can crank up the juice in no tiem flat. It’s estimated nearly 400 iPhones are sold every minute of every day. Back in 2017 it was found over 65% of all Americans owned an iPhone, an iPad or some kind of iPod product. It’s highly recommended you don’t wait until your phone is close to a 0% battery before you recharge it, as experts state waiting until it’s at 35% and plugging it in is better for the phone’s proverbial health.

CAT Cables

You’ve got your HDMI highspeed cables and your USB cables. Now for the CAT, which come in enough sections and crossover versions to make your head spin. You’ve got your regular CAT5, which is competent enough for standard set-ups and shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to save a little bit of money. The CAT5e is just a little beefier, remaining an in-between for tech gurus and people who just want to use the Internet fro browsing. The CAT 6 cable contains four standard pairs of copper wires, using all the pairs for a strong signal to obtain the highest level of performance.

Keeping up with changing technology can be a doozy. HDMI highspeed cables, CAT cables and USB cables are going to be your best friend once Christmas rolls around.

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