How Are Thieves Using Apple AirTags to Steal Cars?

June 2, 2022 by - Home

How Are Thieves Using Apple AirTags to Steal Cars?

By their very nature, crooks and thieves are opportunistic creatures. They prey on the misfortune of others. If someone forgets to lock the door of their car or garage, they may take advantage of that to break in. Thieves also prefer to steal from the elderly because they can’t fight back. It is truly despicable, but I wouldn’t expect any less.

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They are always looking for new ways to take advantage of people. Recently, they have been unintentionally given that opportunity through new technology. In this video, you will learn how Apple AirTags are being used to steal cars. Even so, these criminals are going to need to talk to some bail bondsmen once they inevitably get caught.

Apple AirTags are a handy piece of technology that allows users to track down objects if they lose them. Examples include keys, phones, and cars. Apple AirTags are magnetic and can easily stick to objects. However, thieves have been sticking them to valuable cars. This way, they can come back for them later when nobody is around. In most cases, this is in the dead of night when everyone is sleeping. Worst of all, it takes the thieves right to the victim’s home.


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