How Geospatial Data Analysis Will Change the Marketing Industry

April 26, 2017 by - Geospatial analysis, Geospatial data, Marketing analysis services

Marketing analytics

Geospatial data analysis services are the future of mobile and internet marketing. The internet has already drastically changed the way we do business. It has changed the traditional business experience for both the business and the customer. The internet provides additional tools for marketing and for keeping in constant communication with customers. Businesses will find even more useful of marketing tools with geospatial data analysis services. The location intelligence will provide the following advantages.

Ability to understand current customer bases better
Customer bases are constantly changing. It is important to understand who your current customers are, so that you can change the product and level of service to better meet their needs. It is also important to understand your customer base on a changing basis, as it is constantly changing. The world?s population will grow by 50% in the next four decades to more than 9 billion from about 6.5 billion now. The geospatial data analysis services allow you to get an exact picture of the current demographics of your customers now. This makes it possible to cater marketing campaigns and special offers to the type of customer.

Helps you identify ability to attract new customers
Although holding onto current customers is extremely important in business success, attracting new customers is essential to business growth. Customers tend to become loyal to a specific brand, until they have a negative experience. This can make it rather difficult to attract to new customer bases. However, with geospatial mapping, you can market to specific customers based on location, age, income levels, and even likes and dislikes. The more that your business is catered to the specifics of that potential customer, the more likely they are to give your business a chance.

Narrow down confusing demographic reporting services
There are currently a few leaders in the demographic reporting services industries. However, the amount of information that you can receive from these services can be very overwhelming. When you are faced with planning, collecting, reporting, and analyzing data, it is important to anticipate the right ratios. One helpful suggestion comes via Google?s data experts, who suggest that about 15% data capture, 20% data reporting, and 65% data analysis are reasonable ratios. Overwhelming amounts of demographic information is not beneficial, if you do not have the ability or means to analyze it.

Plan for future internet campaigns
By the time something is trending, it is often over saturated and flooded in the marketing industry. Take Facebook as an example. When it was first released, it could be a huge marketing opportunity for a business to connect with its customer base in this form. Today, however, there are many businesses on Facebook and other social media platforms, sometimes overwhelming customers with spam and pushy sales messages. Geospatial data analysis services can provide demographic reporting information on new trends, offering a strong marketing possibility for many businesses who keep up with the reporting.

Advanced location intelligence software
What if you could know when your customer was local to your storefront? You could provide them with incentives and encouragements to get them into your place of business. Advanced location intelligence software allows for the tracking of customers. When their mobile device notifies the system they are near, the system can then send coupons, specials, and detailed information about the business. This can be an important influencer in the decision process that the customer was currently making. A February 2014 global business survey by Dresner Advisory Services found that more than half of all respondents across all industries say location intelligence is critically or very important to their business planning.

Every day, it seems that the internet surprises us. It advances the way that we communicate, do research, and especially the way that we do business. In fact, many businesses have been created and currently succeed, all because of the possibilities of the internet. Geospatial data analysis services are one of the newer internet services that will significantly increase the benefits of business growth. Businesses can use these software programs to better understand both their current and targeted customer bases.

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