How to Keep Your Company Data Safe

July 23, 2014 by - File transfer services, Openpgp download


If you are considering the best way to protect your company’s data, it would be best for you to look into secure file transfer services, file audit software, and managed file transfer.

What is secure file transfer?

This is a program, also called a SSH file transfer, or SFTP, that allows you to transfer files between a storage system, and your own computer. In the case of a company, it would be between a storage system, such as an SFTP server, and a client or employee’s computer. When a client or employee requests information from a server, it is usually protected via encryption, and a username and password.

What is file audit software?

This software is one of the most important parts of preventing data loss or security breaches. The programs will monitor all activity to and from a server, all requests from outside sources, and also be able to catch any irregular or unusual movement. This type of security is critical for companies that receive a high volume of requests for data and file transfers.

What is managed file transfer?

This is simply the process of managing a secure file transfer from one computer to another, but mainly over a network like the internet. If you think about how many requests for information flow through the internet on a daily basis, MFT is an important part of making sure that hackers are kept at bay, and data is as safe as possible.

Ultimately, the point of any of these processes is to ensure that companies can protect their servers, and also respond to the multitude of requests for information that constantly pour in .

So, the next time someone asks you, “What is managed file transfer?” or “What is file audit software?,” you will have an answer.

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