How to Use Your Windows to Turn Heads and Turn a Profit

September 17, 2014 by - Commercial printing companies, Outdoor advertising signs, Printing companies nyc

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If only there were some way to use your store’s windows to advertise your business’s products. You could show off your company’s goods, turn passersby heads, and start pulling in more sales off of the street.

Oh wait, that’s precisely what retail window displays do!

Store window displays are one of the best ways to pull in street traffic, increase sales, and improve brand awareness. Yet, too many businesses either fail to put this effective sales tactic into practice, while others create retail window displays that never attract much attention.

If you want to start turning heads, you need to make retail window displays that really stand out. Here’s how.

Be Impressive.

You can’t simply put some products in the window and call it a display. You need to go above and beyond — push the limit. Try telling a story with your retail window displays. Create a scene that involves your products that might be related to the season or to an upcoming holiday. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always stack your products to really show them off. If you go this latter route with your retail window displays, though, be sure you only use one or two different products. Adding too many might confuse the viewer, and make things too complicated.

Use Some Signage.

If you’re having a special sale, or have a new line of products, or have any other type of announcement that the potential customers should hear about, then you should consider working with digital printing services to create some custom window graphics that spell out what’s going on. If not, then you could always work with them to create a nice, big logo that could go on your window.

Put Things Where They’ll Be Seen.

Before you make a window display, go outside and look at the window itself. Note where your line of sight is, and mark it with some painter’s tape. Then, arrange the most important part of your display along that line. That way, people will see what you want them to see, even if they just take a glance.

With these tips, you’ll not only start turning heads, but turning higher profits. If you have any questions about crafting retail window displays, feel free to ask in the comments. Helpful info also found here.

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