Is SEO Really Not Your Thing? Learn How to Find the Best SEO Services for Your Company!

May 23, 2014 by - Affordable seo company, Search engine optimization strategies, Small business seo services

Seo services for small business

According to eMarketer, web users will spend $1.5 trillion online in 2014. The key to tapping into those ever growing eCommerce numbers? Search engine optimization strategies. Over 93% of all online experiences still begin with popular search engines, like Google and Bing. In other words, if you’re not being found by web surfers in search engine results, you’re going to miss out on a huge source of potential revenue. That’s where SEO company services come into play. The best search engine optimization services have the know how and the resources to effectively build a smart web campaign for your business, but that’s only if you know how to find the best SEO services for your company.

Four Simple Tips for Choosing the Best SEO Services

  1. How Can You Track Project Performance?
  2. As MOZ writes, in order to make sure you’re getting the best service for your hard-earned dollars, your SEO provider needs to provide you with a way to track the progress of your campaign. Do they offer easy tools to keep track of completed articles, the impact of those articles, and other deliverables? If not, you should look elsewhere.

  3. Ask For References
  4. When you’re searching for an SEO company, you should effectively be conducting interviews for every service you’re considering. After all, you’re hiring a firm as an employee of your business. Just like any other employee, you should be asking for references, as Inc. suggests. Any company that won’t readily give you three references that they’ve worked for in the past should be passed over.

  5. Promises That Seem Too Good to Be True Typically Are
  6. For Search Engine Journal, one of the best ways to tell if you’re getting into bed with SEO services of ill repute is to listen to their marketing rhetoric. You should certainly expect to be told that the company is the best service around, that they’ll do whatever it takes to bring your company success. However, if you start hearing things like, “we’ll get you 5,000 backlinks in two weeks,” or, “we can get you the number one spot in Google without fail,” you need to walk away. Those are guarantees no one can make — unless, of course, they’re using unethical SEO techniques.

  7. Do They Have Google Certification?
  8. Google is the gold standard for web marketing — that should go without saying. Did you know that the Silicon Valley giant offers partnership certification courses for SEO professionals? SEO services with “Certified Google Partner” status have trained with the very best, showing they live up to Google’s exacting standards. If the most powerful company on the web trusts them, so can you.

Do you make a living offering SEO services for small businesses? What advice would you give to the small business owner looking for quality SEO services? Let us know in the comments below!

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