Keep it Simple, Stupid 3 Web Design Pointers for Small Business Websites

November 19, 2014 by - Graphic design delaware, Seo marketing

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Coke and Pepsi may have a beautiful interface on their websites but how much do they sell on those pristine URLS? Likely not a dime. Fancy websites are often more about branding than they are about sales. After all, if your customer is so captivated by content that they don’t make it to check out, does anyone win? The truth is that if you invest in the three features below, you are more likely to succeed than if you invest in any other web feature. The good website design tips include:
Make it mobile friendly
When you are chatting with potential website builders, the key word is “responsive”. This ensures that your website will be functional if it is viewed on a tablet, computer or a phone.The reading, navigation and text size will automatically adjust. Responsive websites are a relatively new concept. The good news is that most simple business websites are through sites like WordPress and all WordPress sites are made with mobile website design tips in mind!
Offering Adspace will cost you more than it makes you
It’s a sexy idea, the idea that you could sell adspace on your site and make money on top of the money your small business brings in. Sites that are content-driven, like news sites, are great for ads. However, you want the main focus on your site to be your services. 61% of customers say they have left a site because of annoying or distracting ads. So keep the pop ups and side bars to a minimum.
Get an understand of SEO
You are probably wonder “what is seo?” The best way to describe SEO is that when people Google things (ie when they google the services your business offers), Google gives them a nice list based on their words they Googled. If you sell hot tubs, but your sight isn’t set up on the back end to tell Google that, then you might wind up 4 pages in for search results. But you want to be on the first page, right? Consider hiring out for seo marketing to ensure that your website is set up to rank you first when someone needs a bath tub!
And remember, the internet is chalk full of good website design tips and website marketing tips. If ever you have a question, ask the Google and it can surely give you a thorough answer! Helpful research also found here.

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