Mobile Communication Systems Help Remote Sites Stay Connected

July 31, 2014 by - Mobile communication towers, Mobile phone satellite, Remote construction sites

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Technological advances have completely revolutionized every aspect of modern life, including the way we communicate and do business. Staying connected is easier than ever before, and this has streamlined operations for many businesses. Effective communication is an essential component to any business in any industry. However, industries such as the oil and gas, and construction industries often have different communication and data needs than a traditional office environment due to their remote locations, which often makes cellular reception difficult. Enter mobile communication systems.

Mobile communication systems have become one of the fastest growing segments of the telecommunications industry. The United States satellite telecommunications industry generates a whopping $6 billion in revenue annually and employs approximately 14,301 people. What is mobile communication, and what kind of equipment is used in a mobile communication system? Mobile communication can be defined as the transfer of information between two more more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor. Mobile communication systems often utilize equipment such as cellular repeaters, mobile communication towers, mobile satellite phones, and communication satellites among others in order to expedite communication in remote locales. A communication satellite is an artificial satellite sent to space for the sole purpose of communications. Remote construction sites as well oil rigs often rely on this equipment in order to stay connected.

Mobile communication towers and cellular repeaters are essential aspects of many mobile communication systems. They allow businesses to effectively transfer vital information back and forth. Additionally, they may also increase workplace productivity and ensure a remote site’s day to day operations run smoothly. Having clear communication also ensures employees are working in safe environment. Likewise, mobile communication towers are often used during emergencies and natural disasters as a temporary solution in reestablishing communication in the affected area. Mobile communication systems can truly be lifesavers.

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