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June 23, 2015 by - Mobile pharmacy pos, Pharmacy software, Retail management systems

5 ways a pharmacy pos system can make me more mone

There seems to be a prescription for everything these days. From chronic pain to the common cold, there is likely a remedy at the pharmacy. Ever wonder how many people require prescriptions? Every wonder how many transactions a pharmacy runs through on a daily basis?

This should paint a picture for you:

In 2010 alone, doctors and pharmacies ordered or provided 2.6 billion prescription drugs during or after visits with physicians.

Three-quarters of medical visits involve some kind of drug therapy.

Forty-eight and a half percent of Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the last 30 days.

The fact is, we spend a significant amount of time in pharmacies and it can get tedious. How many times do we have to give them our information and sign that we understand the drugs we’re being given. As it turns out, point of sale pharmacy software integration simplifies the transaction for both the employee and the patient making everyone a little more at ease about giving and receiving drugs.

In fact, pharmacy management solutions like implementing a good POS system can streamline the process and benefit everyone.

They’re efficient. POS systems for pharmacies allow employees to process transactions from any area of the sales floor cutting transaction time and catering to customers. With a POS system, pharmacies can manage inventory, flag items for reorder, and analyze sales patterns.

They’re accessible. Pharmacy POS systems easily record customer information and keep accurate data of all prescriptions filled, allowing pharmacists to easily access transaction records. Pharmacy point of sale systems are also often equipped with a signature capturing capability that keeps a patient’s signature on file for comparison.

They help grow your bottom line. POS systems provide a business with a real-time detailed report of sales assessing what products are selling and what products are lagging in sales. A point of sale system will help replenish items efficiently and negotiate lower vendor costs. They allows for the management of gift cards, coupons, and loyalty programs and monitor those programs to keep track of their success.

Whatever side of the counter you’re on, point of sale systems give you an advantage worth pursuing.

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