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October 31, 2018 by - Bond paper rolls, Inkjet plotter paper rolls, White engineering bond paper

Whether you are an architect or graphic artist, you know the value of paper. Bulk engineering paper, blue print paper, vinyl paper rolls, you name it and it is used. Architectural and engineering offices alone go though around 3,500 sq ft of printing output a month. It is essential to keep a good stock of paper when working in one of these fields.

The Benefits of Vinyl for Artists

If you are a graphic artist or photographer, you may want to consider printing on vinyl paper rolls. There are a couple benefits that can highlight the beauty of your work.

  • It makes the colours appear more vibrant than if they were printed on another material. Colours and graphics will appear crisp and even brighter. If you’ve ever tried printing onto traditional paper, you may know how dulled the colours can become, and how they can fade over time. With vinyl paper rolls you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Vinyl is also extremely durable, making your finished products better suited to withstanding time. Vinyl can also be used to create waterproof stickers, or wallpaper decals. Vinyl paper rolls can be cut and shaped to whatever you can think of, so the possibilities are almost limitless with your designs.
  • Vinyl can be used anywhere you can think of; both indoors and outdoors. If advertising or placing your creation outdoors;however, it is prudent to invest in weather resistant vinyl or weather coating. That will insure it won’t fade or peel with exposure to the elements. Additionally, the material is lightweight, and highly flexible, both attributes lend themselves to being great for mobile marketing.

What Are Some Other Type of Paper That Could Benefit My Office?

The benefits of vinyl paper rolls can be great for advertising and artists, but what about other paper?

  • Bulk engineering paper can be used with a variety of different brands, most commonly Xerox and Hewitt Packard, to name a few. This type of paper is ideal for a number of situations, including high or low output production.
  • Bond paper is a type that is most commonly used in architecture and engineering. Bond paper is very strong and durable. It can come in bond paper rolls, or in individual sheets of various sizes, depending on what they will be needed for.
  • Plotter paper rolls are another option to consider. This type also comes in a wide variety of options depending on what your needs are. Wide format plotter papers can be used for unofficial first drafts. Alternatively, coated plotter paper is heavier in weight and are better suited for color printings and long lasting designs of building plans or site layouts. This material, like the bond paper, is available in both sheets and rolls. So whether you are printing everyday documents, or large project sheets, you can get what you need.

All the papers mentioned above have benefits to consider depending on what project you need printed. Vinyl paper rolls can be good choice for advertising and for artists, but bond and plotter paper can have numerous benefits for architects and engineers. Depending on your business and your needs, there are multiple choices available to insure that your final products look amazing. If you are feeling underwhelmed by the way your printouts are appearing, consider what a change of paper can do for you.

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