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June 10, 2016 by - Cell phone cable accessories, Usb 3.0 data cable, Usb cables

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If you already own an iPhone, then we won’t waste time singing the company’s praises. Like most iPhone users, you’re converted for life.
But if you’re still using the same old phone as always then you’re missing out on the true smartphone experience. Yes, apps are a great way to boost the functionality of your iPhone, but if you really want to get the most out of your phone, you should also consider investing in some hardware accessories. There are a number of fantastic cell phone accessories, cables, and devices that pair great with an iPhone.
But be careful:
Not every product works with your iPhone, no matter what that Amazon description says. Always purchase your cell phone cables and accessories from legitimate dealers.
#1 Cell Phone Accessories?
The number one cell phone accessories are the ones that let you turn up the bass. Stop worrying about untangling all those USB 3 cables, HDMI to DVI cables, and extension cords. When you pick up a high quality bluetooth speaker for your iPhone, you can turn any situation into a party. Even better, your friends can connect their iPhones and music to your speakers with the push of a button.
Don’t Get Ripped Off On Replacement Chargers!
There are some really high quality power banks and back up battery sources that work well with the iPhone, but Apple also makes it really hard for third-party manufacturers to sell charging cables. Don’t assume that replacement charger will be compatible with your iPhone.
Here’s the problem: in September 2012 Apple introduced lightning cables for their chargers. These eight-pin cell phone cables replaced the antique 30-pin dock connectors, making them smaller and more effective. And with the right adapters, these handy cell phone cable accessories will hook up with HDMI, USB, SD, and VGA cards. Of course, Apple used authentication chips to stop third-party manufacturers from selling you replacement chargers!
If you need to buy replacement cell phone cables or cell phone cable accessories for your phone, make sure that the dealer is providing you with authorized Apple lightning cables only.
iPhone Car Mounts
There was a time when many of us had GPS devices like Garmins inside our cars. But today, there’s not much a GPS device can do that your smartphone won’t do better. Unfortunately, the temptation to glance down at your phone while driving is too much for most people. Don’t lie, you know you’ve done it.
So take away the temptation. Put safety first and find an iPhone car mount that fits both your car, your phone, and your lifestyle. It’s time to go hands free.
What are your favorite iPhone cell phone cable accessories, devices, and apps? Let us know in the comments!

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