Three Reasons Business Printing Strategies Are Still Kicking

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Forget what you’ve heard. Online marketing strategies have yet to kill and supplant business printing strategies.

In fact, more companies than you might believe actually go out and get flyers printed and mailed, hand out the best professional brochures they can make, and stick printed posters up wherever they can. According to one recent survey, 76% of small business say that their ideal marketing strategy utilizes both business printing tactics and online marketing tactics, which just goes to show that hardly any companies have lost faith in print.

Though it might seem that consumers get more promotional emails than they do small flyers, business printing strategies are not dead, and for good reason. Here’s how.

Print Is Incredibly Cost Effective.

Believe it or not, business printing strategies are actually more cost effective than online marketing. In order to get a big bang for their buck, small businesses need to find the lowest cost per impression they can — they need to find the marketing strategy that can reach the most people for the lowest cost possible. According to the Advertising Specialties Study, promotional items such as pens, shirts, and caps typically have a CPI of $0.002, while online marketing has a cost of $0.0025 per impression.

Print Is More Trustworthy.

One of the biggest reasons why online marketing has yet to kill print marketing is because people find print to be more trustworthy than online promos. In fact, 56% of consumers find it more trustworthy, so if you want to build trust with your target demographic, send out some mailers.

Print Is Effective.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, business printing strategies work. About 79% of households say that they read or at least scan direct direct-mail ads, while another 39% of consumers say that they try a business for the first time because of direct mailing. This means business printing tactics give brands the opportunity to convince four out of five consumers to purchase products or services, while more than one out of three consumers will purchase a product or service just because they received a direct mailer.

Online marketing has yet to put business printing marketing in the ground, and likely never will, because it’s more cost-efficient, more trustworthy, and because it works. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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