Tips for Wiring Your Home Theater

April 21, 2019 by - Audio visual needs, Low voltage bracket, Wall plates

Having a home theater is a great way to spend more time with family or have a fun night with friends. It makes the home movie watching experience more exciting and immersive. However, one of the tricky parts can be all of the wiring required to get the desired experience. Screen cables, HDMI cables, speaker cords, and more can get tangled up and jumbled if they aren’t set up with the correct methods and care.

There are ways to keep your home theater neat and your wires straight, such as using a low voltage mounting bracket or a brush wall plate. With the right tools you can hide wires and have your theater up and running without extra complications.

Brush Wall Plates

Brush wall plates are a great option when it comes to hiding wires and giving your home theater a cleaner look. You can feed your cords through it just enough to reach the back of the equipment they plug into and avoid tangled, messy looking wires. You can even feed multiple wires through one plate.

Low Voltage Mounting Brackets

Low voltage mounting brackets make installing wall plates significantly easier. They help to anchor wall plates to the wall so that they don’t wiggle or come loose. In a home theater you want all of your cords an electrical outlets to be as secure as possible so that viewing is not interrupted. It also makes set up of electrical components faster and easier when everything stays in place with ease.

Velcro Cable Ties

These are a great option for any cables that are not hidden away and that you want to keep neat and orderly. They wrap around your cables to hold them together and keep them from tangling, and they are incredibly easy to install and take off. You can even get them in multiple colors and use different colors for different components.

With these three items you can drastically cut down on the time and hassle that comes with wiring a home theater. Do away with unsightly cords, tripping hazards, and tangled messes so that you can have a visually appealing and totally functional home the theater that your friends and family will love.

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