Why Hospitality is Important For Your Travel Business

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One of the most popular activities not just in the United States but across the globe is that of traveling. People love to travel. People love to travel inside of their own country and people love to travel abroad across the globe to other parts of the world that they have never been to. This can be said for families, for young people, and even for older people as well.

There is a lot of data to study once you start trying to determine what plays a factor into where people go when they travel and why. However, there is some information that pertains to travelers that is easy to understand on a surface level. A lot of this involves different age groups and how hospitality can play a role into where they go and how they get there. Here is what you need to know about hospitality, traveling, and everything in between.

Client loyalty, great customer service, employee retention, and hotel management are some factors that play into how hospitality can affect a traveler. 96% of all customers that are forced to expend a high amount of effort with a company over any sort of problem will end up being disloyal and will not use the company again. So understand that hospitality is so essential because all it takes is one bad experience to ruin your reputation and relationship with a customer.

If you are a traveling company you will want to build loyalty with customers. Research has shown that if you build loyalty with 5% more customers than usual, it can eventually help to increase your average profit from anywhere between 25% and 100% per customer. In the year of 2011, 86% of all consumers quite working with a company because they had a poor customer service experience according to a Harris Interactive poll.

Mobile searches that are within the confines of the travel industry have increased over the past couple of years by more than 50%! This is because most travelers on average will research their traveling situation more than 17 different times before they finally make a decision as to what they book. Also, know that more than 55% of all people who travel will use their cell phones to find travel-related information, so the new age of technology has helped spur on more activity in that realm of travel searches.

Nearly 50% of all people who use their cell phones use their phones to search information on the mobile devices but before they finally book the trip, they will move to a laptop or a computer before finishing their transaction. 75% of all people are planning one or more weekend getaways this winter, to escape the cold weather around them.

B and B travelers look to the following things when they decided to book a trip, excluding price, and location, these include consumer reviews, photographs, friends’ recommendations, flexible cancellation policy and the ability to book online. 74% of all travelers would like to return to a location that they have already visited before. Millennials and Generation Xers believe that they do not travel as much because of costs.

In Conclusion

If you want to run a successful travel business you need to make hospitality your top priority. For many poeple, they will base almost all of their opinions on a first impression basis. Do not allow yourself to fall short in this way, make sure you handle your business and you take care of the people who matter: both your customers and your employees. A happy cow makes great milk, and happy employees will be able to produce great results for your business.

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