Why SFTP File Transfer Services Are Essential as Cybercrime Continues to Be a Major Threat

December 15, 2014 by - Authentication vs authorization vs access control, Data loss prevention solutions, Free android file transfer

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Being able to transfer files among employees in a quick and efficient fashion is a key function of any business. Companies rely on their computer networks to make company-wide announcements, share files among various departments and allow reliable access to company files. FTP servers, or File Transfer Protocol, are the traditional data delivery methods for sharing files between servers, and many companies continue to use FTP for all of its file-sharing needs.

FTP can be helpful in sharing large data files among different users. It allows employees to easily download and upload information from the company’s network, and they can even access company files from a remote location. This allows employees to do more work from home or to access important files while traveling for business purposes.

While companies have relied on FTP for years, it does have its drawbacks. The most significant drawback to using FTP servers is that they are not a secure method of transferring files between computers. Data that is sent through FTP can easily be intercepted by outside hackers, giving unauthorized personnel access to sensitive company information. For companies that do not store private customer or company information on their networks, FTP may still be a viable option. For those that require the utmost security of files and data, a more secure file transfer service is needed.

SFTP file transfers, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, are a much more secure way to send and receive data. SFTP uses a secure channel to transfer files, lowering the risk of an unauthorized user intercepting a message. It also encrypts data before it is transferred to provide an extra layer of security. Through encryption, a message is hidden with a secret key and can only be decrypted by a person who knows what the secret key is. This means that even if someone were to steal the message, they wouldn’t be able to decode it unless they somehow obtained the secret key. These two factors make SFTP servers a much more secure option for companies who can’t risk their information being stolen.

While FTP may be the traditional method of transferring files, it provides no security from the potential of a cyber attack. With cybercrime on the rise, especially this past year, using sftp file transfers is a companies best bet for ensuring their sensitive customer and company information is safe from outside threats.

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