Why Your Small Business is Losing Money Right Now

August 19, 2016 by - Affordable web design, Digital marketing services, Search engine optimization

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There was once a time when marketing was done solely through the newspaper or with the use of posters and flyers. Sorry to say, that these days are long gone. If your company does not have an internet presence these days, it can only mean low revenue and loss in sales. It is time to embrace all the technology that has emerged in the last several years, social media is not only for teenagers and hipsters anymore. In fact, several companies are making millions solely through mobile and social media content. In many ways the digital marketing company is the most important part of the corporate machine. Think about this, if you are connected to customers and potential customers through social media you effectively are in contact with them 24/7, especially considering that phones update instantly. If you are planning to move your company?s marketing into the next century, consider hiring a digital marketing company. Below you will find some tips to finally get connected to the new frontier of small business web design.

Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency

If you are a web savvy small business owner, then starting your own social media campaigns might come naturally for you. However, if you are a luddite, getting started could be considerably harder. If you are not interested in learning the background of how digital marketing and social networking works for business, then hiring a digital marketing company might be your best option for getting started quickly. If you choose the digital marketing company route, you will still need to do a bit of legwork. It is important that when you are looking for a digital marketing firm to have a general idea of what kind of online branding that you would like. For example, if you have a business that has a core demographic of suburban males between the ages of 35 to 50, your web design and social media presence should seem appropriate to that demographic group. Make an outline of what your ideal goals for your online presence and how they would tie into the overall mission of business. Once you have a firm hold on this, your meetings with digital marketing companies will go smoother because they will have a better idea of if the digital marketing services they provide actually fit your needs.

Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

When looking for a digital marketing company, it is tempting to go for the big names. If you are a small business owner sometimes being a part of the bigger firms has disadvantages. One downside is that the larger firms can be more costly because of their name recognition and repletion. It comes down to basic economics bigger companies have more moving parents which means higher prices. Another distinct disadvantage for smaller business going after the larger firms is that your account may not be treated as a priority. Many times in bigger digital marketing agencies they put a priority on the accounts that have the most monetary backing behind them. That means that your smaller account might not be treated as seriously. Luckily, there are several agencies out there that actually have their focus rooted in small business. The best way to find these firms is by asking your friends that are also business owners, talking with the chamber of commerce, or looking them up online.

The DIY Approach: Get inspired by Checking Out the Competition

If you are interested in doing your own digital design and are already a little tech savvy there are tons of resources to get started. It is still important to make sure you identify your core demographic and tailor your digital media towards them. A good place to get inspiration for your web design is by checking out the completion?s web sites and social media. If you are already a connected person, setting up a business social media account is a free way to expand your visibility. It is important to be realistic about your labor however. Being able to swiftly respond to online inquires is an absolute must in this digital age. Having a dead or unresponsive social media presence is almost as worse than having no social media presence at all.

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