3 Common Misconceptions About Buying Buying Used Routers and Network Equipment

December 8, 2015 by - It support services, Refurbished it hardware, Sell used network equipment

Sell used networking equipment

If you?re looking to upgrade your computer system or buy networking equipment, you may want to consider buying used. For the environmentally conscious, used computers and computer equipment may be the best choice. Refurbished computers help to reduce your carbon footprint; did you know it takes 260kg of fossil fuels to manufacture one computer? The benefits to purchasing used are vast, but many people still have some reservations about used technology products, especially network equipment and used routers. Here are three common misconceptions about purchasing used that may change your mind.

  1. They?re unsafe.
    Many people think a used router puts their internet safety at risk. They worry that the previous owner can hack into the router with their old information or passwords. This is untrue, and the new owner should not have to worry about any previous users accessing their information. Used routers can be reset to factory conditions. This process basically wipes the router out to a clean slate as if it was brand new. Sometimes, this is as simple as pressing the reset button. If you want to buy network equipment used from any source, you?ll be safe and secure as long as you reset the systems and change your internet passwords.
  2. They are expensive.
    Network and IT equipment can be expensive, but buying used is a great cost-effective solution. Based on the brand and condition of the network equipment for sale, you can save over 80% on used routers. Find a reputable sales source that may be willing to haggle a little on the price. You may walk away with a better deal than expected and save yourself hundreds of dollars.
  3. They are cheaply made.
    Although used routers have a bit of wear on them, that doesn?t mean they are poor quality. Often times, you can find used products from the leaders in the world of information technology. Reputable brands are deemed the best because of their high quality and performance. Even though they are used, the higher quality used routers work just as well as their new-in-box counterparts. Those who sell used networking equipment often offer warranties or a 30 day return policy if there does happen to be a problem or performance issue. Do your research to see which brands are the tops of their class. You can buy these high quality products for a fraction of the price if you choose to buy used.

See what you can find online! Many online marketplaces offer used routers and networking equipment for incredibly low prices.

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