5 Reasons to Have SEO Services

December 14, 2015 by - Digital marketing trends, Search engine optimization service, Search engine optimization tips

Search engine optimization marketing

Local search engine optimization marketing has become the preferred strategy because it is so effective. There are many advantages to search engine optimization but let’s go over some of the main ones.

  1. Generates more traffic
  2. The highest ranking links on a search engine page are the ones that get the most visits. The majority of clicks go to the websites that are on the top of search engine. Many people will not click over to the second page of a search engine and never know what sites could have been here. Local search engine optimization also focuses on making sure there are relevant keywords and titles that will show up in the results page. This helps to increase the click through rate.

  3. ROI (Return On Investment)
  4. SEO marketing companies can provide trackable results whether or not the company is an ecommerce site or not. They can actually track almost every single aspect of their strategies from ranking increases to traffic and conversations. SEO tools can also help to see the paths that users take when completing a sale, all the way from the keyword they searched for in the beginning.

  5. Cost effectiveness
  6. Local search engine optimization is an extremely cost effective marketing strategy. In fact, it may be the most cost effective simply because its target audience is internet users already looking for the products the certain company sells as well as the services. The nature of SEO is that it helps businesses save money because it focuses more inbound than outbound. Outbound strategies like cold calling can be an effective strategy in some cases but costs almost 61% more than the SEO’s inbound strategy.

  7. Increased site usability
  8. It is important to make your website simple to navigate to make it easier for a search engine to pick up. Not only that, but making sure the website has increased usability ensures ease of navigation for the user as well, making it easier for them to find information on your site.

  9. Brand Awareness
  10. SEO marketing services ensure that the company’s website is in one of the top position on a results which, as we know, will result in an increase of impressions but it will also mean more exposure for your website. Having relevant keywords that get caught quickly by a search engine will help customers associate your company’s brand with the keywords they are searching for. Consumers subconsciously believe that sites on the first page are more trustworthy than others so this means automatic trust also associated with your brand.

    So, as you can see, having an SEO marketing company on retainer is very beneficial to your company for increasing your chances of growing your customer base online.

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