5 Key Things to Know About Fixing iPhones

December 3, 2022 by - Home

5 Key Things to Know About Fixing iPhones

While it’s always best to take your device to a phone repair shop, there are a few things you should know about fixing it that might help you in the future. This Youtube video has tips and tricks on repairing common issues that could save you some money. Let’s take a look to find out more!

Several common problems with iPhones are pretty easy to repair, as they take less than an hour. However, Apple would rather fix devices for consumers rather than have them fix them on their own.

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They want you to buy a new one, so several roadblocks could prevent you from using it if you try to repair it yourself.

Unless you buy special screwdrivers, it’s going to be hard to open your phone and investigate what’s going on inside. iPhones have little screws called pentalobes, and once inside, you’ll find the tri-point, which is another kind of difficult screw. However, if you buy a fixing kit online, it’s likely that you’ll get all the tools necessary to remove these materials easily. Getting into your phone is only the beginning.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details on how a phone repair shop fixes your device.


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