Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Electric Enclosures

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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Electric Enclosures

Designers of electronic enclosures are sometimes frustrated by conventional methods of producing electronic enclosures. In their YouTube video, “Create the Perfect Electronic Enclosure,” Altium Academy introduces an innovative process for creating electronic enclosures. The video explains the benefits of this new process.

Video Source

Seamless Communication

The video uses the example of a standard control board with an LCD screen. Altium’s MCAD program allows for seamless communication. Said communication is between the designer who uses the Altium solidworks program and the mechanical production of the electronic enclosure.

Design Process

By using the Altium program while interacting with the screen, the designer will trace every line and opening of the control board. They will use the measurements on the board to design an enclosure that will fit over the enclosure. To ensure a good fit, the narrator recommends adding 1/2 inch to each dimension. He points out the need to create an opening for the bottom caps, and how the circumference of that opening creates an irregular shape in the bottom of the enclosure,

The finished product is shown, and the fit of the new bright blue enclosure precisely frames the control board. Brass threaded screws help secure the stability of the enclosure. One option of design – shown in the video – allows the inner electronic components to be visualized.


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