A Cable Primer for the Technologically Challenged

September 27, 2016 by - Bulk fiber optic cable, Cat6 cables, Usb 2.0 cables

Usb 3 cable

You may be setting up a computer system, a new gaming console, or a home entertainment dream come true. You know you need cables, but do you know what kind you need — and perhaps more importantly, what it is they do? Use this glossary to familiarize yourself with some of the most common types of cables and how they enhance your networks and systems.

Network Ethernet Cables: Ethernet cables typically come with names like “Cat5 cables,” “Cat5e cables,” or “Cat6 cables.” They all do the same thing: connect devices to a local area network so you can do things like access the Internet or share files. But they do them at different speeds, with higher numbers indicating faster transfers. Many people purchase Cat 6 cables bulk and cut them according to various needs around the home or office.

Highspeed HDMI Cables: HDMI cables transmit uncompressed video and audio signals from source to screen. People love them because they’re small, fast, and high quality compared to other types of video/audio cable.

USB Cables: USB ports are very common for computers and electronic devices, sometimes for charging, other times for connecting two devices, such as your smartphone and your laptop. Not all USB cables are created equally, however: a 12-watt iPad charger, for instance, will charge both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in half the time it would take to charge the phones using the standard 5-watt USB charger they come with.

Before you go out purchasing HDMI, USB, or Cat 6 cables bulk, it’s important that you understand what they’re used for and, at least to some extent, how it is they work. It doesn’t take an electrical engineer to figure out how to cut and connect cables, but it is helpful to know a bit about their build and function.

Building and wiring your own setup can be a rewarding and money-saving experience. But before installing your own home computer, gaming, or entertainment system, get the facts and do your research. A well built system made with the proper cables can serve you well for a long time, even as technology continues to advance.

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