What Can You Wire With a 500 Ft Ethernet Cable?

September 30, 2016 by - Bulk fiber optic cable, Cat6 cable bulk, Cell phone cable accessories

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When you have a local network to wire, it’s a smart idea to invest in a large spool of network Ethernet cable as opposed to many shorter Cat5 or Cat6 cables. Why? You can easily cut longer Ethernet cable to exactly the size you need for a variety of connections. That means less waste, less mess, and less money spent on the network altogether.

The only thing you might need slightly more of is time to measure, cut, and connect RJ45 plugs — which will be good for as many as 1,000 to 2,000 insertions throughout their lifespan. Good quality Cat5 cables are also good for five to 10 years. Essentially, if you take the time now to set up your network properly, you’ll be good to go for a decade or more.

You can buy Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 cables bulk in lengths up to 500 ft Ethernet cables. How much cable is that, exactly? To put it in perspective: a 500 ft Ethernet cable would span 1.5 football fields, or from top to bottom of a 50-story building.

You can use that bulk to wire multiple computers and networks in an office setting, or you might use it to provide highspeed connections to devices and entertainment systems throughout your home. Remember, however, that the promised speeds of Cat6 cables are generally measured at lengths of no more than 100 meters, or the equivalent of roughly 328 feet. That, of course, is still plenty of length for most households and office settings.

Gamers, businessmen, and highspeed junkies alike all prefer Ethernet over WiFi connections for a number of reasons: the speed, the security, and the reliability. WiFi may be convenient, but there’s nothing like having an actual network Ethernet cable to give you all the juice you need for surfing, transferring data files, or fighting dragons in the underworld.

With some wire cutters and a stock of RJ45 plugs, you can custom wire your own network setup to suit your needs and keep clutter out of sight. Who knew bulk could be so beautiful?

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