How Social Media Marketing Affects Small Business Success

October 18, 2014 by - Mobile website design tips, Web design rochester ny

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Fact: Over 50% of all small business owners admit that handle their business’ online marketing, and could really use a few (or maybe more than a few) social media marketing and advertising tips, to ensure that they’re running the most effective advertising campaign possible.

The trick with figuring out how to advertise effectively online isn’t straightforward, unfortunately. Merely promoting a product or service and providing the basic details — how much it costs, where it can be found, any price comparisons, etc. — often aren’t enough to create an effective advertising campaign on social media. You have to know how to promote a product in a unique and “share-able” way; i.e., you have to give social media users a piece of content that’s so interesting, they can’t help but share it with their friends. In fact, they may not even realize that they’re sharing an ad at all, because the product/service information is so cleverly worked into other interesting content.

Consider this: out of all the time that mobile internet users spend on their device (that is, everyone who accesses the internet via a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device), an estimated 23% of that time is spent just on the Facebook application alone. That’s right — nearly one-quarter of the time spent on mobile phone or tablet is vacuumed up by just one app.

Now think about how many internet users you could be reaching if you took advantage of Facebook, you created an account for your business, and you made regular posts (let’s say every day, or every other day). Facebook users aren’t just going to flip through the posts quickly; they’re going to spend some time perusing the site — clearly — and if they find a piece of interesting content, they’ll probably take the time to re-post it. They’re on the website often enough — and so are their friends — that the re-post won’t go unnoticed.

Now here’s the good thing about developing an effective advertising campaign with social media platforms — and this should be pretty obvious from the example discussed above: all a business has to do is give social media users a jumping-off point. After that, the rest of the internet (as vague as that sounds) takes care of the actual advertising. They’re the ones who consistently post and re-post, they comment, they share, and they spread the news. Even when they don’t realize that they’re doing it.

Now, doesn’t it sound like it would pay off for a small business owner to be willing to learn a bit more about social media advertising? Learn more about this topic here.

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