How to Hire an Advertising Agency

July 14, 2014 by - Choosing an advertising agency, Full service advertising agencies, Rochester ny web design

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Competition is fierce in an industry these days, and companies are pressured now more than ever to come up with clever tactics and advertising strategies to keep customers coming back. If you’ve done everything you can to market your company but aren’t generating results, graphic design agencies could benefit your business.

Selecting an advertising agency doesn’t have to be difficult. Around 54% of small business owners admit they could use some help improving their marketing skills, but often don’t know where to turn. Here are a few tips on how to find the best graphic design agencies for you.

Where to Look: Word of mouth is definitely the answer to this common question. Looking for public relations agencies? Or a professional website designer? Not a problem, simply ask a few friends or family members about what agencies their businesses have used in the past.

Relative Experience: Ok, so you’ve found a great agency, but do they specialize in the work you need done for your company? Don’t get caught up in all the success they’ve had in television ads if you need an internet marketing strategy instead.

Get What You Pay For: Graphic design agencies will charge all sorts of amounts. Freelancers will generally be less expensive, but may lack the skills. Small web design companies will a lot of experience may be your most cost-effective choice. Look at individual portfolios to determine if anyone is worth the price they are charging.

Be Specific: You need to be able to give your agency a detailed outline of what you want done, what your company goals are, how much you are willing to pay, etc. Of course, give them creative license, because thats what they’re there for, but at least provide the map.

Create a Message: Get your message across to your audience in any shape or form you can. For example, companies with blogs produce roughly 97% more links for websites than those without blogs, and each blog should send your customers a message about your product or service.

Talk Deadlines: Discuss, without beating around the bush, your budget and your business’ schedule. Often, design revamps for companies take a long time, and you both need to reach an agreement on deadlines. Also, be sure to ask what happens if deadlines are not met or the final product is not what you had in mind.

The first U.S. paid advertisement was a 1704 ad in the Boston News Letter advertising a house in Oyster Bay, Long Island. So if our forefathers were finding ways to promote their businesses, so can you with the help of a graphic design agency. References:

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