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July 10, 2014 by - Top product design companies, Web design firm new york, Web design services pricing

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Everyone claims they’re ready to take their brand to the next level, but are they really? Do they know what that entails? The world of advertising, branding, and marketing is changing at an astounding rate. Sure, the golden “mad men” era of advertising, with its crisp suits and stiff cocktails seems quite glamorous looking back, however, times have changed and so has the brand development process. Don Draper’s head would be spinning in a modern, digital advertising agency. He may have led the best creative agency back in the day, yet building a strong brand now takes more than just thinking outside the box.

How are you reaching your target audience? An estimated 50% of smart phone owners use their phone as their primary source for browsing the web, which is precisely why it is crucial to integrate a strong online presence as part of your brand development strategy. MarketingSherpa estimates that 80% of marketers are educating themselves on how to create and design engaging, more successful websites. Accordingly, there are an estimated 116,528 businesses in the United States offering web design services. Yet all websites are not created equal. An estimated 69% of marketers say compelling and unique content is an important part of their website’s design. However, another study by Keynote estimates 46% of internet users have difficulty interacting with websites. Why the discrepancy? Perhaps many web site design services are not taking the time to get properly acquainted with your brand. A web site is much more than just a website. It’s a representation of your brand. It’s an experience. Opt instead for creative advertising agency that offers user experience design services.

How do you determine the best creative agency for your business’ needs? The best creative agency is one that merges design and technology seamlessly. One that will help build your brand in a way that is contemporary and relevant, then launching it on terms that people want and need. The best creative agency is driven by unconventional wisdom, and will never give up on your business. Don’t be afraid to explore non-traditional options in order to put your best brand forward. Remember, the best ideas may have been simple, but they were never boring. More on this: www.itsmakeable.com

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