How to Shop for Extension Cords

December 28, 2021 by - Home

No matter what kind of work you’re doing, if it requires power then it will likely require the use of extension cords. The key to completing your project successfully is learning how to select the right extension cord for the job.

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Here’s what you need to know in order to pick the best extension cord for the work you’re doing.

If you’re performing work that needs to be done outdoors, then you’ll need to select an extension cord that’s designed for that. Extension cords may all look similar, but the truth is that some are designed specifically with a purpose in mind. For outdoor work, you’ll want an extension cord that’s rated specifically for outdoor use. These extension cords are a little bit more rugged and can stand up to the elements better than an indoor rated extension cord.

Another thing you’ll want to take into account is length. While it might be tempting to purchase the longest extension cord available and do your work that way, it’s much safer and much more efficient to pick a cord that’s a reasonable length.


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