Top Fully-Managed VPS Hosting Platforms

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Top Fully-Managed VPS Hosting Platforms

This video will breakdown in detail one of the best fully managed VPS hosting platforms. A managed hosting service means you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of your site. The provider handles the setup, administration, management, and support of the server or platform application.

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This means that the user does not have to worry about the technical details behind running an internet server. The most common reason business owners or individuals prefer a fully managed VPS is because of a lack of expertise or specific knowledge in the area. Fully managed VPS hosting is a secure and stable solution and can be more affordable option than a dedicated server.

Scalahosting, a leader in web hosting technology, is high performing and fully secure. In times of high cyber security threats, it is important for your site to be protected at all times. This platform has 24/7 remote access to servers. Additionally, you want a managed hosting platform that can perform even with high website traffic and provide quick loading times.

Two other popular and high-performing managed server hosting options are Hostinger and Bluehost. Both are simple and reliable to use for those unfamiliar with VPS hosting.


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