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July 12, 2017 by - Hotel management solutions, Hotel technology, Property management system hotel

Pms system for hotels

In the United States, travel and tourism is a significant business. Roughly 75% of people will plan more than one weekend getaway throughout the winter months. Additionally, 75% of people will visit the same location more than once.

The hotel industry is a huge part of travel. Whether working within a tight budget or having plenty of money to spend, travelers want to feel safe and comfortable while at a hotel. They also want to be able to research the hotel online, ask questions, and make reservations.

When people are researching upcoming trips, they conduct an average of 17 searches before making a decision regarding hotel reservations. Mobile inquiries have increased by 50%, and nearly half of all travels make their final travel decisions and reservations on a mobile device.

Hotel reservations software enables hotels to receive, track, and process all reservations, customer information, and requests. Hotel management systems also track busy seasons, past sales, cleaning schedules, maintenance requests, and more. The best hotel software systems provide a holistic view of everything happening in the hotel, they are user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

Hotel reservations software can track special requests such as an extra bed, crib, or specific floor. It can enable the hotel to be fully prepared for each guest and provide the best possible customer service. The research already shows that travelers are apt to returning to the same destination repeatedly. If they have a positive experience at the hotel, they will book the same hotel repeatedly.

Repeat business and customer loyalty is essential in the hospitality industry. Likewise, bad service can result in negative reviews, negative online postings,and word-of-mouth discouragement. Most travelers have no problem telling people about their experiences; good or bad.

While it may be an expensive investment, it is well worth it. The ability to offer excellent customer service and track sales is superior to analog systems. Failing customers due to misplaced paper work or forgotten requests is considered unacceptable in a society when everything is digital. The expectations of customers are significantly higher than they used to be.

In addition to installing hotel reservations software, it is essential that all the staff are properly trained. The software is only as useful as the people using it, so if it is not being fully utilized, the hotel is missing out on the benefits of having it. Information may still be lost or misplaced, requests may be forgotten.

Software that tracks and monitors maintenance requests and schedules are also essential to ensuring certain areas throughout the complex are not falling into disrepair. Following a set cleaning and maintenance schedule ensures everything is done in a timely manner. It also ensures that maintenance requests are handled quickly and correctly, so future customers do not have to deal with the same issues.

Most customers will forgive minor problems as long as they are fixed immediately. Ignoring problems or requests, or making the customer feel like they are being annoying by making the request is often what leads to negative reviews and a loss of customer loyalty.

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