Marketing, Security And Accessibility The Tools In Every Successful Business’ Arsenal

July 3, 2017 by - It services, Managed services tampa, Network security

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Businesses have only become more digital as time has gone on. To be digital is to be efficient, accessible and highly flexible to tackle any challenge that comes your way. When you’re not up-to-date, however, the results can be felt from throughout the business to the next customer that comes along looking for a product or service. IT solutions are a resource you can tap into to make sure you’re always the next big thing, rather than the next financial flop just waiting to happen. From network monitoring to IT consulting, there are plenty of useful techniques just waiting to be taken advantage of. Why wait on luck when you can rely on what’s proven to work instead?

Data And Safety Measures

Keeping your data safe from prying outside eyes is paramount toward protecting your brand and your mission. Ongoing studies predict at least 20% of all small businesses will be hacked within one year or less. Another 50% of enterprises lost data in their cloud systems and had to restore their information through the aid of backups. IT support can pinpoint any weak spots in your business’ defense and allow you to stave off any problems before they even start. That’s not all managed IT services can provide you, however.

Marketing And Customer Satisfaction

Can IT solutions help you connect with customers? Absolutely. Since IT services deal with a wide range of technical and digital endeavors, one way they can help you reach out to your client base is through the use of online marketing. SEO, short for ‘search engine optimization’, is one of the breakthrough models for customer satisfaction. SEO leads have been found to have a 14% close rate, while outbound rates (such as print advertising) barely reach 2%. All in all, 60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top three search results, making SEO an invaluable asset to your business’ future success.

Accessibility And Promotion

How accessible is your business? You should be asking this as often as possible, as customers’ needs change on a dime and need to be matched with conscientious business efforts. Nearly half of all customers say a website’s design, from its visuals to its contact information, is their number one criterion for determining a company’s credibility. Similarly, optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly allows you to reach out to more customers than ever before. Half of all mobile searches are conducted in the hopes of finding nearby results, with 60% of those searches resulting in a visit or purchase.

Why You Should Consider IT Solutions

The digital sphere is a vast one indeed. Every single year Google will change its search algorithm around 500 to 600 times in response to changing demands. B2B companies that actively blog generate 65% more leads than those without blogs and, as of now, the biggest challenge B2B marketers face in regards to lead generation is creating the highest quality leads possible. IT solutions can help you get there and in good fashion, providing you with seasoned professionals well-versed in anything and everything digital. Give your business the best possible chance to succeed. Use the resources around you and watch your brand grow.

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