Modern CyberSecurity By the Numbers

March 26, 2015 by - Fiber cable, Network management nebraska, Security camera systems nebraska

Network management nebraska

Data breaches in the security systems of big corporations are becoming more common by the year, and unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep up with all the software updates and firewall programs that protect your network design and provide a unified communications system. But looking into management services for security systems is definitely worth the time — and here are a few statistics to explain why it’s so important:

16.856: The average number of cyberattacks against business security systems each year — many resulting in stolen data belonging to the businesses themselves, but also personal data belonging to the customers.

193: The average number of days it takes for a business to resolve problems in its security systems after there has been a data breach. This means that most businesses spend about half a year trying to organize data and recover losses — although many companies actually spend years resolving network management issues and financial obligations after just one data breach.

86%: The percentage of websites in 2012 that had at least one major vulnerability in IT security, allowing cyberhackers easy access to sensitive information.

43%: The percentage of businesses that experienced at least one data breach during 2013 — meaning that nearly half of all businesses suffered losses in sales, consumer confidence, and important information, all in one year.

29%: The number of U.S. businesses that use public cloud storage. Although cloud storage can be a major advantage for businesses, providing back-up records of important data and information, it’s also important to realize that network management is more difficult when dealing with public storage services. Cloud services can be incredibly beneficial, but only if you know you can trust the service.

When it comes to the safekeeping of business security systems, it doesn’t matter what products or services a business provides, how big the business is, or even how long it’s been in operation. Data breaches can affect any business at any time; quite simply, the best defense you can take against a security breach is to use as many preventative measures as possible.

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