Print Ads A Viable Option in A Technology Driven World

January 8, 2016 by - Barricade wrap printing, Digital printing, Large format poster printing

Rush printing

Finding a successful method of advertising to a specific audience is a challenge in our society. Technology’s rapid advancement has opened up new marketing avenues, leading to a booming digital marketing industry. The more traditional TV and radio are still viable advertising methods to employ when targeting an audience as well, a fact proven by the amount of money invested annually in Super Bown Ads. What about the more tangible forms of advertisement, though? The physical advertisements created by a printing company to have it eventually end up in someone’s mailbox, or on the side of a car. These methods still have value, and there are a number to choose from.

  • Direct Mail campaigns can be employed to reach a large number of people, especially when using a digital printing service. They have the means to print and mail with as little cost as possible. This is advantageous because, of those polled, 73% of American consumers, and 67% of Canadians, said they prefer direct mail ads because they have the ability to read them at leisure.
  • Vehicle wraps are also proven to be memorable to consumers, with 48% of people saying they were the most memorable advertisements they had seen. Digital printing companies can also be employed to create such an ad, leaving a smaller business free to focus on other endeavors.
  • The last to be listed here is classic, but still a necessity: the business card. It is exchanged at every professional encounter, a tangible reminder of the person you met. This is a valuable asset to any business.
  • There are many services to be found on offer at a print company, all still useful in our technology-centered society, whether we remember them or not.

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