Is Your Company Ready to Upgrade to VoIP?

January 3, 2016 by - Installation of voice and data cabling, Phone system installation, Video security

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As we enter a new year it is difficult not to look back and reflect. For those who reflect on communications technologies, the changes have been fast and furious. Narrow your vision to the changes in communications technology that have taken place in school districts across the country and the changes are even more staggering.
In 1986 when the Challenger Shuttle exploded the few students who wold have seen it live may have been in the high school library on one of the few televisions that had a direct link to cable. The few phones that were in the building were located in department teacher offices. Instead, phone messages were delivered on pink slips from the office. The sign by the front door asked that visitors stop by the office to check in before visiting a classroom.
Thirty years later and it’s 2016. Every teacher and 90% of the students have their own cell phones. The leading provider of business telephone systems installs a network that allows any caller to leave a message for any staff member, and those teachers and administrators can access their messages from a cell phone or their home phone. Fiber structured cabling keeps every room connected to the internet and the school’s whole building messaging system. Wifi spots throughout the building allow everyone to be connected wherever they are. Closed-circuit television systems monitor the front door, all other entrances, as well as hallways and stairwells. The only way anyone can get in the building is to buzzed in by the front security guard. All visitors are escorted to their destinations. If a security issue in the school does occur, the hosted phone systems can call all of the parents in the district at once to keep them up to date.
School district, hospitals, government buildings, and other corporations have been working with the leading provider of business telephone systems and replacing their traditional phone lines with voice over internet protocol (VoIP), while at the same time saving 20% to 50% on monthly phone bills. The VoIP industry, in fact, is a technology that was expected to exceed $76 billion by the end of 2015. Small office and home office VoIP subscriber numbers were also expected to increase. Some estimates say the income from these subscribers will reach $262 million, nearly a 50% increase since the year 2011.
What has your school or corporation been doing to upgrade its internet security and communication systems? As your parents and customers continue to increase their expectations for both communication and safety, business and public institutions continue to look for affordable ways to meet these needs. We are long past the day of pink paper phone messages. In America where there are 11 million meetings a day using video conferencing, VoIP services, and telephony, leading provider of business telephone systems work with your company together to increase productivity.

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