Six Tips for Incorporating Bing in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Six Tips for Incorporating Bing in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Updated 3/24/22

Digital marketing functions as a sort of net or funnel, collecting the best audience it can for your product or service from the overall pool. Additionally, digital market analysis can give you useful data on how your ads are being received, if they’re being seen at all. But if you’ve ever tried to do it all yourself, searching for keywords like ‘digital marketing own business’, you’ve probably been greeted with a lot of information. It can feel like wading against the current to try and parse it all, but it may help to know that a lot of truths about marketing still hold in the digital age – it’s just the format of the ads that’s changed.

Digital marketing advertising companies can really streamline this whole process, and make sure your business has everything it needs to target the best areas of the net. The strategies for a tech company will likely be pretty different than, say, marketing activities for private schools, so having a professional eye on board to help steer can be a great investment. In the end, digital marketing is here to stay, and understanding the basics of how and why it works can give you an edge over the competition.

The most comprehensive pay per click marketing campaigns utilize both Google adwords pay per click and Bing marketing. While the Google adwords is the most common pay per click provider that small businesses tend use, the less competitive atmosphere of Bing marketing is low hanging fruit, particular if you are on a tight marketing budget.

Bing marketing steadily gaining users, and making the rivalry between Google and Bing more close than ever, while being less saturated by other competitors using the same keywords. This gives small businesses the chance to create effective pay per click campaigns without being trampled on by a hundred other competitors.

If you are interested in incorporating a Bing marketing campaign into your digital marketing strategy, we have compiled a few tips for getting the most bang for your buck:

  1. Create ads that draw consumers in. Even if you select awesome keywords that have little competition and pop over and over, if your ad does not appeal to your target audience, it serves no purpose. To make the most of your being marketing campaign, make sure your ads attract the eye in and make it irresistible for users to visit your site.
  2. Be strategic with your keywords. The fuel that makes your pay per click advertising campaign work is choosing the right keywords. You want your keywords to be terms that are frequently searched by potential customers who are at a buying point (or fit the demographic that meets the goal of your campaign, whether it is increasing brand awareness, educating them on a new product or promotion, or ultimately converting them into clients). To assist you in determining the most effective keywords for your Bing marketing campaign, it is helpful to use software that give you search statistics, or even enlisting the help of a pay per click analyst.
  3. Review and revise your strategy as needed. Your most effective keywords will not always be the front runner. The pay per click marketing campaign is not like a billboard that you put up and leave there. Keep an eye on the effectiveness of your keywords, and change your strategy as trends change and one keyword becomes more effective than another.
  4. Change it up. One of the most effective pay per click techniques is to run two campaigns simultaneously, so that you can compare what is working and what is not. Try varying keywords and ad images, and then watch the metrics closely, to determine what is drawing in the most traffic, and what is leading to the highest conversions. When you identify a great strategy, put it head-to-head with to another campaign, to further fine tune your Bing marketing approach.
  5. Consider your ad position. If your ad is not showing in one of the first three positions, it could have a serious impact on the traffic that you are able to attract. If you are not finding your Bing marketing campaign to be effective, and your positioning is low, consider increasing your keyword bids to get listed higher in the results, and draw more attention from potential customers. If increasing your adword bid is not in your budget, consider using less competitive keywords that give you a higher ad position for a lower bid.
  6. Make sure you are mobile friendly. It is a good digital marketing strategy to make sure your website is mobile friendly. There are more mobile users on the internet than their are desktop users at any given time; this means it is more likely that an online user will access your website from a phone than a desktop computer.

    From a pay per click perspective, when your pay per click ad effectively attracts a click from a mobile device, the user will immediately abandon your website is not mobile friendly, yet you are still stuck paying the bill for that click. To make the most of your Bing marketing campaign, is important to focus on the mobile accessibility of your website.

So what is the greatest takeaway from our article? Basically, we hope you consider incorporating Bing marketing into your pay per click strategy, and (most of all) that you approach it smartly to get the most juice from your campaign!

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