Taking A Closer Look At Sound Systems In Places Of Business Here IN The United States

January 15, 2019 by - Audio video atlanta, Audio video services, Low voltage contracting

Technology and work have become inextricably linked, especially in highly developed countries such as our own, the United States of America. For many people, the use of technology in the workplace has proven to be hugely helpful, and such technology can be used to push rates of productivity upwards and cut down on unnecessary wastes of time. For instance, switching to digital storage systems and digital filing systems has eliminated, for many a place of business, the need for a paper filing system, a system of filing that was not necessarily known for its efficiency.

AV systems for businesses like that of the sound system can be hugely beneficial as well, as these AV systems for businesses can be given many different purposes. Sound system installation, for instance, can allow for even better presentations during meetings than ever before. In fact, the entirety of AV systems for businesses can allow for this, making AV systems for businesses critical in most places of work, as the average employee working here in the United States is likely to attend as many as 62 separate meetings over the course of just one month, with the average employee spending up to 37% of their time at work in various meetings.

AV systems for businesses can help these presentations to be more dynamic than ever before, combining sound with the visual effects that AV systems for businesses can provide. After all, the use of such AV systems for businesses and the audio video design that they can lend to presentations can have quite remarkable effect on the overall quality of the presentation – as well as on the impact of the presentation too. As a matter of fact, the use of AV systems for businesses with components such as sound systems, can raise the efficacy of any given presentation given in the workplace by quite the considerable amount.

For instance, a presentation that only includes an oral component (typical by the presenter him or herself) will only lead to retention rates of around 10% a mere three days after the presentation has been given. With visual components are included, that retention rate over the course of three days jumps considerably, up to 35%. And when the visual and audio work together, as is possible with the use of AV systems for businesses, the retention rate over that same period of time rises to an incredibly 65%, which is most certainly a far cry better than the 10% that is seen when visual components and audio components cannot be used together.

Much of this is in keeping with studies that have been conducted surrounding how people learn. In fact, the vast majority of us will full visual capabilities will learn primarily through sight, with up to 83% of all our learning stemming from visual sources. Other senses can help to back up this learning, as hearing and sound makes up around 11% of all learning that goes on. With so much of learning linked back to visual components, the need for visual components and AV design skills has become quite essential for many a place of business all throughout the United States. Fortunately, the implementation of AV systems for businesses has become a relatively easy thing to do, and something that is more accessible now than it has truly ever been before, at least here in the United States.

However, carefully planning out any given presentation is hugely important, especially when an an audio video system will be put into use. In fact, it’s recommended that a short presentation lasting no more than 15 minutes should contain, ideally, no more than 15 slides (though typically no fewer than ten as well). This can help a presentation to be concise and clear, uncluttered by the visual elements that are introduced but instead supported by them, which will, as has been discussed at length above, help to increase retention rates for those who are watching the presentation in question.

For many people and places of business, AV systems for businesses have truly been game changing in the best of possible ways.

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