Taking A Much Closer Look At The Problem Of Job Retention And The Growing Need For Temp Workers Here In The United States

January 4, 2019 by - Outplacement company, Outplacement service company, Restructuring consulting

Here in the United States, job retention has become a growing problem all across the board, with the typical professional job placement agency or Human Resources consultant or even talent acquisition management service becoming more important now than truly ever before. After all, the role of the typical professional job placement agency is to match people with jobs that fit them, jobs that they are likely to thrive in. Without the typical professional job placement agency, the rates of job retention would likely be much worse than they already are.

After all, already more than two and a half million people had left their jobs here in the United States by the time that the June of 2015 had drawn to a close. Just two years prior, in the June of 2013, the rates of people leaving their jobs had been as much has 25% lower, marking a huge increase over the course of just 24 months or so. And in the years that have followed since, the problem of job retention has become even more dire, something that every professional job placement agency operating here in the United States is likely to be all too well aware of.

In part, people have blamed the influx of millennials into the workforce, something that becomes more and more pronounced with each and every year that passes us by. After all, millennials have become known as the job hopping generation, a name that is attributed to the fact that research has shown that up to 60% of millennial workers are always keeping their eye out for the next job, the one that offers them more and better than what they currently have at their current place of work. However, this is much the case due to the climate of the working world, the intense competition that has arisen within it, and the lack of fulfillment that all too many people feel at their current places of employment.

After all, feeling motivated and encouraged can be key to producing good work. Unfortunately, however, only around 20% of all workers, millennials or not, say that they feel adequately motivated and supported by their superiors. This leaves the vast majority – more than three quarters of people currently in the working world – feeling unmoored in the workplace and often like what they do there really doesn’t matter that much at all. Without a sense of purpose, more and more people are likely to leave the job in question in search of one that provides them just that.

Fortunately, there are a number of concrete steps that each and every company can take to improve overall employee retention – as well as employee satisfaction, equally important as the two often go hand in hand. Simply instituting employee recognition programs, for instance, can have a considerable effect in any given workplace, no matter what field of work it is. In fact, more than 85% of all companies that have put into place such a program (around 86%, of them, to be just a little bit more precise) have reported an increase in employee contentedness, which is likely to improve everything from employee performance to overall employee productivity.

Simply finding the right person for the job can be important as well. The help of a professional job placement agency can make this a reality, as a professional job placement agency can provide candidates who fit the role that is searched for to a T, instead of providing candidates who really won’t thrive in the position at all, something that happens all too often in various places of work throughout the entirety of the country. But working with a professional job placement agency all but eliminates this risk, as the professional job placement agency will be working closely with potential candidates before they even formally interview or even apply for the role or position that is in question and up for hire.

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