The Benefits Of Freezer Software For Medical Research

August 26, 2015 by - Biobank software, Environmental research, Software

Laboratory sample management software

While there can be happy accidents, there are far more unhappy ones that can impede your progress. Nowhere is that more clear than less-than-ideal biomedical technology in modern medical fields. Research results are only as good as the facility that makes them and if you need to manage everything from lab sample tracking to freezer inventory, up-to-date technology is key. Whether you’re a medical research company looking to bolster its yearly results or a biomedical student who’s becoming familiar with sample tracking, biobank software is fast becoming the practical system for practical solutions.

The number of U.S. biobank tissue samples was found to be at over 300 million as of this century and increasing by the millions each year. The federal government is the largest funding source in America for biobanks, at an estimated 36% on its own, and has provided financial support to over half of all biobanks. 2015 alone found over 1.5 million newly diagnosed cancer cases, with almost 14.5 million adults and children with a history of cancer alive in January of 2014. A survey from 2011 found almost half of all cancer researches having trouble with biobank sample quality, which is a critical amount when there are futures on the line. While half of all biobanks research a specific disease, around 29% do general research. No matter your goals, freezer software will smooth out your process and help you achieve outstanding results.

Freezer software is easy to use and incredibly flexible. It has proved a worthy addition to any medical or scientific lab environment for its ease of creating trials, scaling to unique situations and being web-enabled for any lab environment. The sample management system makes it easy to ship your samples and cross-compare with other institutions. Freezer software’s multitude of benefits creates a streamlined environment for all aspects of conducting and executing research and is a welcome addition to any laboratory. Look into freezer software and get on the fast track to sharing your data with millions of researchers.

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