The Benefits of Turnkey PCB

March 19, 2017 by - Pcb quotes, Prototype assembly, Smt manufacturing

Pcb assembly services

Turnkey pcb is a term used for circuit board assembly that is handled completely by the supplier, from beginning to end. This includes acquiring all components and parts, as well as the manufacturing and placement of all parts onto the client’s pcb. This is turnkey pcb assembly which leaves the client or client company free to concentrate on its design. There are many circuit board assembly services out there that will handle assembly as well as making sure that all quality standards are met. Printing problems are known to cause 70% of quality concerns without even taking into account the quality of its components or its design.

Turnkey pcb services are an excellent choice for companies just starting out as well as small established businesses that are looking for more cost effective solutions than having to spend a lot of money in order to assemble their pcb’s. Companies that handle turnkey pcb also provide a service that is both efficient and inexpensive. Many will also provide an online estimate for perspective customers.

Turnkey is a term used when someone else, whether an individual or a company, is given the information they need to not only build something for someone else, but also to access all the parts needed. Turnkey applies not only to pcb’s but to other types of manufacturing as well. Before turnkey pcb, most designers would usually have an undetermined period of time to wait before finding out how much they would have to spend on the parts and components they had ordered. Now, with turnkey services, it is common to be able to receive an immediate quote.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing. Because of easy online access, customers who have placed their order for pcb assembly are able to keep track of the progress of their order. In addition, notifications and information will be sent as the project moves forward to keep clients on top of how things are progressing.

Another advantage to turnkey pcb services is that many smaller size orders can be combined into one. Once the customer has completed the design and the service has completed their end of the project, the provider is capable of producing as many pcb’s as the customer needs. Because everything is done through one vendor, pcb repairs and quality control are much easier. Some services will specialize in low volume pcb assembly, which means they restrict their projects to less than 5,000 pcb’s.

When pcb designers map out a circuit board, they typically have the help of a design system on the computer. These systems have specific software that aids with the layout of the circuit board’s pattern. Most times companies that provide pcb assembly will also be available to provide long term services for their clients. Repairs and maintenance will be needed down the line, and who better to provide those services than the company that created the pcb to begin with? Part of a long term relationship with the designer includes being able to take advantage of discounts and special offers. Machine assembly implemented by circuit board assembly services have now made it possible for pcb’s to be created in a much shorter time that they used to be. Some companies will have a completion time of no more than five days, which is almost 75% less time than normal run times.

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