Top Eight Terms You Should Know What Hiring an SEO For your Website

February 28, 2017 by - Marketing email, Phoenix local search engine optimization service, Search engine optimization strategies

Search engine optimization strategy
  • Anchor Text An anchor text is the actual link to a page, usually formatted in blue lettering and an underline, or purple if you have already once visited the page. They help search engines see what your page is about, and describes what they’ll see when you click on it. An accurate title will increase visibility with SEO.
  • Meta Description Consisting of 160 characters or less, the meta description is a brief description of the page, showing what it’s about and why someone would want to visit it. An SEO firm may help you polish the meta description, so that more internet traffic comes your way.
  • SERP The term SERP is coined by many SEO services, standing for Search Engine Results Page. It’s exactly as it sounds, the results that show up after you search for something.
  • Keyword This is another commonly used term in SEO business. It is a word or short phrase that details the businesses goods, service or brand. Keywords are one of the most important thing to an SEO consultant, as they help search engines figure out what your website is about much faster and easier and increase visibility with SEO
  • Indexing How a search engine gathers and keeps data is what is called indexing. Always needing to keep up with what is new and current, search engines are constantly looking for fresh webpages, which they add a copy of to their database, thus indexing it.
  • Page Rank Google uses what is called a Page Rank to gauge the importance of a webpage. The higher the importance, the higher it will appear on the search engine page. Your SEO marketing firms wants to do what they can to get you as link one or two on the very first page.
  • BacklinkA backlink is a hyperlink on a separate webpage that directs back to your site. These affect the page rank greatly, and are thus very important to SEO.
  • Duplicate Content Duplicate content is something you should seek to avoid. It is content that completely matches or is vastly similar across other domains. Having duplicate content can get you penalized.

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