Online Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

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Marketing for small and medium businesses (SMB) covers everything from brand strategy, online marketing, digital and print design to exhibits and displays. That’s a lot of ground for a small company with a limited number of employees to cover. That’s why many SMBs choose integrated marketing services to handle all their publicity and marketing needs.

Marketing for SMBs
Integrated marketing provides a one-stop shop for all services like brand awareness and development, campaign development, print marketing, online and offline ideation, and digital advertising. Not all SMBs understand the importance of hiring a marketing team, but there’s a direct connection between marketing and revenues.
In an age when everyone is on the internet, this is especially true of digital marketing. Having an online presence, in the form of a website, blogs, and social media accounts is a good way to connect with customers who spend large amounts of time online. Researchers have found a direct correlation between the number of visitors to a company’s website and its revenues.

Online marketing impacts revenues
Not only do people spend time online chatting with friends or catching up on the news, they rely on the internet to find information about products and services they need. They trust online reviews as well as company information to help them choose the right product.
Researchers have found that the number of visitors a company’s website receives correlates with monthly revenues. The cut-off is around 10,000 visitors a month to the website: for 80% of websites that attract less, the company does not meet its revenue goals, while for those that exceed that number of monthly visitors, 70% exceed their revenue goals.

Professional web design is an asset
There’s a reason why businesses rely on professional marketing agencies to handle their online presence. It’s the first contact that a customer has with the business. An attractive and well designed website is seen as more trustworthy, and 46% of people surveyed say that they determine the company’s credibility based on the design of its website.
A website has to be aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate, but that’s not all. It should also load quickly on any device. Four out of ten or 40% of people say that they abandon a web page if it takes too long to load. How long is too long! Just three seconds.
Web design and digital marketing can be challenging and are best left to the professionals. They have the knowledge and experience to deliver results. For example, websites that are optimized for mobile devices show a 62% increase in sales.

For SMBs it can be difficult to keep track of and stay on top of the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing. Given the importance of online marketing for company revenues, hiring a specialized marketing agency can be the best decision.

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